What we do

We offer a range of services to suit your needs.

Tailored Research-Gathering

  • GBP From 1500
  • EURO From 1800
  • AED From 8000

Research and data collation from up-to-date, global, academic sources, selected and tested for relevance and reliability. A detailed report of the findings is provided.


Research, Adaptation, Statistical Analysis and Presentation

  • GBP From 3000
  • EURO From 3500
  • AED From 15000

Broad research collation, a detailed report on how the findings can be adapted for use in your business, statistical analysis of effect sizes and how scalable findings will be in terms of your business circumstances, and presentation in layman´s terms. The report provides tailored information about the target audience, their approach to your product or services, pre-existing attitudes, buying habits, negotiation styles, expectations, and how to influence these factors.

Full or half-day workshop or seminar

  • GBP From 5000/3000
  • EURO From 6000/4000
  • AED From 30000/20000

For groups of up to 30 people, deliverable live online, with support from a researcher in your locality (Helsinki, London or Dubai).

The findings most relevant to your business can be explained and taught via a group workshop. Neuroscientific theory meets with business psychology to deliver real results in a limited time. An extremely cost-effective way to train groups in using evidenced scientific methods to improve their sales, customer- or staff-facing skills. All course materials are included.

Candidate Assessment

  • GBP 150
  • EURO 180
  • AED 800

Priced per candidate. This service helps you assess external candidates for available positions or select internal candidates for promotion to more senior/complex roles. An online personality trait and aptitude screening with a clinician-researcher ensures new hires are a better fit for your business and its strategy.