What we do

We offer a range of services to suit your needs from individual coaching to group training for entire businesses.

Individual coaching

  • GBP From 150
  • EURO From 180
  • AED From 800

In person or online, personal 1-on-1 consultation and coaching gets to the heart of the problem and gives you the privacy to discuss sensitive issues. You will spend a 1.5 hour session with Lucy or another team member, tailored to your individual needs. This form of coaching is ideal for motivated, ambitious individuals who want to ensure their success in the workplace. We find that our 6-session courses are popular with HNWI, C-Level staff and MBA students. However, there is no minimum session course required. Levels range from complete beginner through to our *Advanced Expert* tier.

Topics typically include:

  • Likeable and highly effective leadership
  • Sales and persuasion
  • Negotiation and Game Theory
  • How to influence others through neuro-techniques
  • Hacks to improve customer onboarding, buying  behaviours, increase transaction values and forecasting accuracy
  • Conflict resolution (business and personal)
  • How to set and achieve goals with ease using neuro-techniques
  • Communication skills
  • Public and in-house presentation skills
  • Performance enhancement, memory and decision-making
  • Mindfulness for business and academic success
  • Techniques for ideas generation and lateral thinking
  • Skills for handling difficult people and situations
  • Raising children equipped for the competitive demands  of academic, sporting or business careers at the highest level
  • How to create compelling academic applications e.g. MBA

Intensive full-day individual coaching workshop

  • GBP From 1000
  • EURO From 1300
  • AED From 5800

In person in London, Helsinki or Dubai, this is an intensive one day workshop that can focus on any topic that you choose. An holistic approach is favoured to help you gain advantage over your difficulties, “unbreakable” habits, fears or competition. Lucy makes available to you all of her expertise and knowledge. You will learn techniques for reading, predicting and influencing behaviour in those around you, including your own neurological processes. This is particularly useful for entrepreneurs, C-Level staff, HNWI, ambitious students at MBA level or those facing considerable life changes.

After the workshop you will receive a document containing notes and reflections from the workshop, an action list you agree with Lucy and a plan for ongoing support in order to achieve your goals. Follow up support via phone and email is included in the workshop package. Our clients have reported this service to be one of the most “life-changing” they’ve experienced.

Full or half-day workshop or seminar

  • GBP From 5000/3000
  • EURO From 6000/4000
  • AED From 30000/20000

For groups of up to 300 people delivered by Lucy and one or more of her team of practitioners. These workshops are delivered at your office or conference space in London, Stockholm, Helsinki or Dubai.

This is a powerful, intensive business-wide or group workshop tailored to your needs. Neuroscientific theory meets with business psychology to deliver real results in a limited time. An extremely cost-effective way to train groups from as little as £10 per person. All course materials are prepared personally by Lucy and her assistant researcher for your business or event.

Candidate Assessment

  • GBP 150
  • EURO 180
  • AED 800

Give your recruitment process an edge over the competition. This service helps you assess suitable candidates for available positions or select internal candidates for promotion to more senior or complex roles. Full personality trait and aptitude screenings are combined with in-depth interviewing to ensure new hires are the perfect fit for your business and its strategy.